Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inspirations: Paul Landry

"The sea, the villages that border it, the people who work it, and the flowers that bloom among them all hold a great fascination for me. The quality of ever-changing stability makes them unending sources of inspiration as they beckon my heart and hand."
-Paul Landry 


Paul Landry is a renowned artist who finds inspiration in the fishing towns of Nova Scotia and the seaports of New England (especially Mystic, CT). A collection of his work, The Captain’s Garden, is a beautiful trove of maritime art that embodies the mood and tone I strive to capture in my work.  I feel like he is painting the world I visualize when I’m writing, he just happens to be a little more successful in his execution.  If ever I have a choice of artwork to put on one of my covers, it will definitely be something of his.

The paintings above are available as prints at many marine art galleries.

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